Tuesday, 12 March 2013

mud season

Technological meltdown continues, this time with the camera which may or may not revive until I return to the UK. So imagine if you will, a white landscape, bright sunshine but still cold, beautiful spring like day. I am still out the back and working on my stone. The bright weather brings a trickle of visitors and Harlen (sculpture technician) and Devon play table tennis just beyond my work space - orange ball. That was yesterday. I was awake at 5am this morning and it was raining, 14 hours of relentlessly hard rain later and the snow has all but gone, large icy mounds created by clearing paths are much smaller but now the river is rising steadily. Less than 50yards from the studio this could be interesting and maybe I should have brought flip flops after all. Two days ago I could walk out onto the ice on the river, Emily and I were there while she was photographing her sculpture. Today the ice is breaking up fast though is still several feet thick in some places. They have 'mud season' here and it is making a grand entrance.
The rain has put a lot of people off walking anywhere but Joel Fisher the sculptor popped in to say hello this morning and I am just on my way to go and see his slide show, this will be good! - he is a very engaging man to talk to. My sculpture is going well, I am having a fab time. I have a hole which I created yesterday, a deliberate plan and I spent much of today cleaning up the whole piece to give it a bit of clarity. Below would be photos if I had any.

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