Thursday, 12 July 2018

Selfscapes in Dalby Forest

As part of the Selfscapes exhibition now on in Dalby Forest, Yorkshire,  I have installed 'Ac', a wood sculpture suspended between two trees Many thanks to my fellow exhibitors, Jo Sperryn Jones for her indefatigable energy (and gin), York St John students for being brilliant and Paul Bonomini for climbing ladders. No trees were harmed 

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

ipad periscope

I have a had several glorious days in the studio celebrating the almost end of term. Although it is extremely hot outside, my studio is thankfully somewhat cooler (and is freezing in winter). I am finishing off a sculpture for another discussion as part of the Brancaster Chronicles,  this weekend. I have spent much of the day painting and every time I checked, I found yet more areas needing red. I really thought I had done when I used my iPad camera facing up through the sculpture from the bottom. While the ceiling looks great,  I still have some way to go!