Sunday, 2 February 2020

This Stuff Matters

It has been a fine start to 2020 with a recorded discussion that I took part in with three other sculptors. 'This Stuff Matters' brings together myself, Gillian Brent, Jill Gibson and Sheila Vollmer. We recorded a far reaching and insightful discussion about our sculpture and our careers, with nearly 150 years of experience between us and we have seen huge changes. I shall be transcribing and editing the recording and this will be available on our website  We also managed to drink a lot of tea, the food was terrific and we had some lovely guests in the evening. Later in the year, we will all come together for a weekend event in Cullercoats near Newcastle in October, more news to follow as we progress.
 Jill Gibson photographs of her sculpture
 L_R My sculpture 'Clymdych', ceramic and wire, Gillian Brent, mixed media, Sheila Vollmer, (wall mounted) wood 

 My sculpture 'Fraster', bronze

 A view through 'Clymdych' to a Sheila Vollmer