Thursday, 31 January 2013


At a great opening at the Royal British Society of Sculptors, another member paid me a huge compliment. She not only likes my work but said that if I was in a locked room I would make a sculpture out of the carpet. I think I might have that on my website.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My 15 minutes?

'Time Out' magazine featured the 'Curious Course' that I ran last term ! Brilliant, but is that my 15 minutes of fame? Students signed up for a mystery course and we ended up with 80 people on the waiting list! Great night, lots of laughs and students got to do something they had never tried before, I think I have a great job!  

Thursday, 17 January 2013

at least two pairs of trousers and an animation

I have a brilliant studio in Stratford East London, right by the Olympic Park but at this moment it is sooooo cold two pairs of trousers are essential. If I stand still for long enough I will freeze solid. Thankfully Chelmsford College is warm and as part of the AA2A scheme, I have the workshop with the kiln in it so very toasty warm and very inviting. I am making the most of using the kiln while I am there for this year and working with clay. Andy the media tutor came in to see what I was doing and was intrigued by the clay being rolled out very thin and then crumpled. I plan to piece the sculpture together with copper rod, Andy went away and did a series of charcoal drawings photographed into a short animation, this is an entirely unexpected bonus! Not only warm but a potentially exciting collaboration !

Friday, 4 January 2013

Lee Kumutat

Lee Kumutat with the first coat of 'finish', huge fun and now for the face cast....

Back in the smoke

Greetings and I hope the festive season was fun and 2013 finds you in good health. I was down with a stinky cold which meant working at home making some clay pieces for the kiln at Chelmsford. I really didn't think a cold studio was a good idea but once I had shrugged off the germs I have been back in tackling a large ash wood piece. This is going well but slowly so no photos but the clay bits are ........