Thursday, 3 August 2017

making friends with the M1

I shall be playing with a state of the art scanner and a 3D printer bigger than my kitchen thanks to the fabulous Stage 1 Ltd, based in Yorkshire Many thanks to Mark for setting it up, Edwin for showing us round, Jake for being amazing with a scanner and to Paul Bonomini, a fab sculptor

Brancaster part 2

I love being in my studio though it can be tough and sometimes lonely.  I do need to get out and talk about what I am doing and see what other people are up to. The Brancaster Chronicles is a way of being able to discuss painting and sculpture, seeing what other artists are doing and sharing ideas. It is a fabulous network.  This weekend we had the privilege of seeing Tony Smart sculpture and Anne Smart paintings in beautiful Norfolk

 Tony Smart's superb sculptures, so vibrant and stunningly complex

 Anne Smart introducing her fabulous paintings, highly detailed