Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Brancaster transcript
I was invited to take part in a series of studio discussions earlier this year. These have been a brilliant opportunity to really hone in on the paintings and sculptures presented by the artists;  we have had some extremely thought provoking discussions about the particular works as well as ideas and thinking that affects abstract art more broadly. This has been so successful that more are planned for next year. The link will take you to a transcript of the discussion about my two sculptures.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

large boots welcome

 The small areas of clear floor has been extended! I now have enough clear space for someone with large boots to be able to walk about; no one can actually walk all that far, mind you and maybe it is just small steps but nevertheless, steps can be taken in relative safety. Still some way to go……

Thursday, 16 October 2014

disaster zone tidy up time

It has been a quiet few weeks in the studio, quiet in as much as there has been little sculpture and a lot of sorting, clearing, chucking out and generally trying to make the place easier and more spacious to work in. It had not been hugely successful until yesterday, I kept pulling stuff off shelves, opening boxes and creating more upheaval before getting fed up and working on a piece of stone. I made myself stick to the clearing yesterday so that I can work inside in the cold weather and get some new work under way. The results so far are…….
 Polly admiring a bit of floor

 another clear bit of floor

That is it, as a percentage of the overall floor space this is not a lot, certainly still in single figures, but progress nonetheless!  The rest of the space looks like a disaster zone but will be super tidy next week. Really, it will………