Monday, 4 May 2020

Lockdown -Isolation

'Bizkarroi, a paper sculpture I blogged recently, is on show digitally with The London Group. 
The exhibition opens 5th May 

Artist talks 17th at 8pm live streaming from The London Group Facebook page 

see you there !!

Lockdown 100 days of solitude exhibition

 Celia Martin Perez has created an online exhibition with 50% of the sale price going to NHS charities. I do hope that you are able to log on to  to see the incredible works that have been submitted. 
I am doing a lot of drawing during my Lockdown Home Residency, thinking through ideas and preparing for when I get back to the studio proper.

"You are there"

                                  "Fruits and Flowers"

Saturday, 28 March 2020

the home residency and lumpy soup

I wish you all well  and I hope you are all coping in this difficult time. Artists are often solitary in their studios and the current online creativity is fantastic. I however should be a tad more careful what I wish for. I honestly don’t think that I am responsible for this outbreak but just a while ago, I dreamt of being able to have just two weeks solitary time in the studio and was planning how to achieve this. I wanted time to think, draw and mull over ideas for a new project and be away from all distractions. After a dash to the studio for supplies a few days ago I am now working from home,  the ‘new normal’ will be here for a while, we possibly, probably face several weeks, maybe months of isolation.  As I write I am waiting to hear the outcome of several applications I have made before lock-down.  Meanwhile, I am delighted that I was asked to take part in the Valley of Vision exhibition in Shoreham,  an outdoor show in late June so there is a faint chance it will go ahead. In preparation I have been working with paper,  the food blender has been requisitioned (it makes food taste bleurgh, so all soup will be lumpy from now on) and I am using pulp to create textures on the stiff paper I usually use. I spent yesterday in the front garden masked up for the fumes painting 'Bizkarroi'
At home I am tackling the enormous list of jobs as long as my arm, but I suspect I shall not be dealing with those with much enthusiasm!
A slightly altered version of this article will be featured in the Royal Society of Sculpture weekly bulletin

Sunday, 2 February 2020

This Stuff Matters

It has been a fine start to 2020 with a recorded discussion that I took part in with three other sculptors. 'This Stuff Matters' brings together myself, Gillian Brent, Jill Gibson and Sheila Vollmer. We recorded a far reaching and insightful discussion about our sculpture and our careers, with nearly 150 years of experience between us and we have seen huge changes. I shall be transcribing and editing the recording and this will be available on our website  We also managed to drink a lot of tea, the food was terrific and we had some lovely guests in the evening. Later in the year, we will all come together for a weekend event in Cullercoats near Newcastle in October, more news to follow as we progress.
 Jill Gibson photographs of her sculpture
 L_R My sculpture 'Clymdych', ceramic and wire, Gillian Brent, mixed media, Sheila Vollmer, (wall mounted) wood 

 My sculpture 'Fraster', bronze

 A view through 'Clymdych' to a Sheila Vollmer