Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Asayo Kawase and me! I am looking forward to being back on the Posk Gallery next week. Digital meets bronze, it should prove interesting and results will follow

Monday, 19 February 2018

embracing the underdog

Put over 100 artists from around the country in an underground car park for a day. I took these photos early on, when we were setting up. All afternoon and into the evening we had loads of people wandering round to see the show. It was huge fun and there were a lot of dogs, as art, artists and admirers. A huge thanks to Q park for the space and to Susan Haire who made it happen


                                            and the clear up chums at 8pm out on the street! they were such a happy bunch.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

paint, not blood

Kulokula, w 102, h40 

In preparation for 'Embracing the Underdog,' a show with the London group next weekend, I have been painting three paper sculptures. I have managed to get paint everywhere apart from all the tiny nooks and crannies; each time I turned the piece over I found another gap.  They are all extremely complex constructions and I know they are going to look fab hung in the car park! Meanwhile the studio floor looks like a murder has taken place. Polly the spaniel has a red streak across her tail, I should have dipped it in the paint pot and got her to help, her tail is always wagging! 

Sunday, 4 February 2018

3 sheets to the wind

Thinking to take some quick photos of a newly delivered bronze sculpture,  I decided to set up a small area outside with a large sheet of paper as a backdrop. At this point the sun was perfect, it was bright with no strong shadows though it was mighty chilly. I needed to fix the paper to the window using masking tape and I put newspaper down on the step to protect the new paper.
The masking tape did not want to come off the reel, it tore in all the wrong places and generally played hard to get. It did hold the paper backdrop in place just about, for long enough. However, by this time the sky had come over all moody and the light had gone. I took some photos anyway and then took the bronze indoors. Meanwhile, in the few moments when I went indoors, the wind decided to join in with some fun and I came back outside to find the masking tape had failed completely resulting in the large sheet of paper ending up in the pond and the newspaper was flying all over the garden. I cleared up...... I shall have another go tomorrow. All I wanted was some quick photos before I book in my lovely photographer who really doesn't have this sort of problem!