Thursday, 28 February 2013

Back in England?

At home? 

On my feet all day and I am beginning to think that I might never have left England. I have walked all over today and as they say, 'me dogs is barkin'. I ended up at the ICA for a show "Art, Love and Politics in the 1980's", interesting stuff that included work by the Black Film and Audio  Collective. I watched short films and extracts set in Brixton, Peckham and Broadwater  Farm so I could stand there and say I lived there and point at my house/s.  The discussion that followed between the curator Helen Moleswoth, her predecessor David (Joshet?) and artists Haim Steinbach and Louise Lawler involved the divisions that Thatcher and Reagan set up in society. I had earlier decided not to see a show of Royal portraits, far too much of that at home thankyou. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

soggy Boston

Above are the views of Newfoundland, I should have disembarked there being better prepared for the weather.Greetings from the soggiest Boston. I was prepared for the cold and ought to have shares in thermal underwear production judging by the amount I have brought with me but actually wellies and a brolly would have been better. Boston is sooooo friendly, since the tube station I have fallen in to conversation with several people. I have discussed dentists, the weather (when they realised I am english), Liverpool accents, Oystercards and human rights in east Timor with another person baffled by the transport system. 
Off now to see the Museum of Fine Art.

Friday, 22 February 2013

more larks

I apologise for sending a link recently to a you tube clip that turns out to be private. I shall have a go at getting it public or just take my work for it that I had fun and it worked well. Just as well the post was not entitled 'wrestling with mud' or I would have had far more unhappy viewers


I am on a countdown to America. Wednesday I head off to Heathrow at stupid o clock for a flight into Boston and spend a couple of cultural days in galleries before heading off to Vermont Sculpture Center for March. A whole month of sculpture, how fab is that!
I had such a good time last time I was in America at the Andres Institute in New Hampshire  and met some amazing artists, there are plans to meet up with some of them, weather permitting. 
The map of New England shows places of my childhood in Essex and Suffolk but scrambled as though all the names have been thrown in the air, I feel I shall get lost quite easily.

Back to the packing-: passport, tickets, sketchbook, cuddly toy and portable yoghurt maker..........

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

what larks

Fun and frolics with a lump of clay on friday
thanks to Andrew Pierce at Chelmsford College

great sandwiches

I have just spent a lovely evening at the Chelsea Arts Club in good company, its not often you can say that about an AGM! The Free Painters and Sculptors Society invited me to join them after the 'Then and Now' exhibition in Pall Mall last year. I thought I should make sure they meant it by turning up and seeing if I was allowed to stay!