Monday, 18 March 2013

good vibrations and a woodpecker

Well its all go here. Touch wood I am on the home stretch for my sculpture! We are forecast snow for tomorrow - anything up to a foot is predicted and the river has begun freezing over again, an ice sheet has grown to cover half the width since this morning and last night was apparently minus 17. I have brought my sculpture inside now to warm up ready to glue up over the next couple of days. I spent the day getting rid of the awful grinder marks using a great little tool that looks like a meat tenderiser, just before I got going I heard a wood pecker, I knew where it was coming from but didn't get a sighting. I couldn't manage without my gel gloves which thankfully I remembered to bring with me, so my hands are not feeling completely numb, I am  not completely sure how the woodpecker manages. Still no chipmunks and I am sure they are wise to stay hidden for a while yet.

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