Saturday, 22 June 2013

Mostly un named new visions

Some views of the small show on at Chelmsford College marking the end of my first year. I know that I am still working through the ideas I have and utilise with my carvings but I can see that there is just possibly a small chance that people might just see a slight difference in my usual output. I have worked through a number of ideas successfully in clay and I plan to return to Chelmsford in the autumn to transfer these visions into wood and stone........exciting times ahead!! All the above are currently un named apart from the orange 'Lledr', fired and painted clay tied with wire.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

tum te tum te dum te dah and filing

 A fab day in the studio! There hasn't been much to show for my time recently, I have created small conical piles of white dust (is there a market for this?) while I have been filing down the oblong space above. The slot will house a piece of granite and I want this to sit flush. This has taken many hours of listening to radio 4 but finally I think I have got there. Having said that, when I am next in the studio I shall no doubt see a small piece that needs shaving and spend more time filing and still look as though I am no further forward after another day. The piece below might also be finished bar minor adjustments. It is in a strange position while the glue dries.
I gave myself and the apprentice Polly a good walk over Hackney Marshes on the way home. We avoided all courting couples and picnickers, a major accomplishment. I think most people avoided me as I was looking rather ghostly in my dusty jeans.