Friday, 29 March 2013

Johnson has evaporated

This morning seems a long time ago. I left snow, a sculpture in the back of a car and some wonderful artists after an amazing month. The memories are rapidly evaporating. I did have a successful day in Hanover in the Dartmouth College Archive with some unbelievably helpful archivists (none of them were called Samantha). I now have a wealth of info about TB Huxley Jones, an English sculptor with some public sculpture there. The archivists even went to the trouble of finding out the bus times for me ..........that is the 'ok ' and 'good' bit. I bought an on line ticket to catch a Greyhound bus to Manchester and spent a lovely half hour at the bus stop with an Indian student discussing world population, traffic, economy of North Korea, David Cameron and the cuts,..... he was really interesting. A shuttle bus got us to White River Junction at 5pm ..........that is the 'ok ' and 'good' bit over. It starts to go downhill from now on.  My friend left me at the bus station and 3 hours later and I am still here waiting for a bus that I have a ticket for, that is already known to be running late and is officially already full!!!!  If someone gets off then I will get a seat but will have to buy another ticket in cash! There is now there is a queue of people behind me. The driver is a sweetie but isn't hopeful of a seat tonight because he thinks the bus was full in Montreal, apparently Canadians come down en masse for the long Easter weekend.  Americans don't shut for Easter hence my day in the archive. The driver is more optimistic about getting onto the next bus at 4.30 am. Shall I pop into the motel next door for a few hours zzz - is it worth it? - set an alarm for 3.30 so that I can back here to be first in the new queue. Or will it be full of Canadians thinking that there will be a seat? Does yours truly get on the bus? Does she spend the night on the bus station bench? how about bed bugs in the motel? Find out more in the next blog.......

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