Friday, 22 March 2013

fire prevention

I had a beautiful drive up to Troy, right on the Canadian border earlier this week. We had an enormous (to my mind anyway) snowfall the day before but the roads were clear and the scenery was stunning. We stopped for petrol, in front of us was a largish truck, a glorified Landrover type thing. The driver and his oppo get out and set up the nozzle to run itself then move away a bit, not much, to have a cigarette, $$ exchanges hands and a few sizeable wads were trousered. I am sure it was entirely above board, making good the debt for an aged parents groceries or perhaps it really looked more than a tad dodgy. The snow plough had created enormous piles of snow at the side of the road but one of these was blocking the path of a car trying to move out of the garage so the truck driver, sizeable fag drooping from bottom lip, jumps back in the van and starts the engine and he kindly moves the truck a few yards to make way for the other vehicle. He jumps out of the van, dropping ash all over the place, the fag still very much in situ on the bottom lip and checks that the nozzle is still attached. Proudly he tells us his truck does 9 miles to the gallon and as they finally drove away I noticed the company name...Fire Prevention Services.

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