Friday, 27 February 2015

out of the studio

Things have conspired to keep me out of the studio recently and thankfully mostly good things. I have been welded to the computer making applications by the score; there seems to have been a number of really interesting exhibitions and opportunities to apply for since Christmas. Results awaited and as usual you may well hear the cheers and hopefully not too many sobs. I am hoping that all the writing has made an improvement to my applications and it certainly does tone up the grey matter to talk about my sculpture coherently. I have just put an American artist chum on a plane to go home and we had a fab week doing the galleries and London has a lot of galleries! She did say that she had done enough art for a while.....
As it has been a tad chilly, being in a warm gallery is rather more preferable to a cold studio which is where I shall be again tomorrow. Having said that, we have had a glorious spring day and the first sight of crocus in bloom

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bronze casting, yay!

I have just spent the last 2 weekends in the company of the London Sculpture Workshop doing a ceramic shell bronze casting workshop. The LSW is a splendid resource for sculptors because it has all the big stuff equipment that we don't need everyday and certainly cannot afford. Great fun and thankfully good weather. I need to spend a bit more time filing my sculptures, photos soon

In progress

I did not do all of these! burning out

 after the pour