Saturday, 30 March 2013


I left you last night when I was on a bus stop bench waiting for a coach full of Canadians one of whom might allow me to spend the journey on their lap. I did not accept a lift from a dodgy geezer who didn't like to see any one in distress, my thoughts were on the cynical side and that I would be most distressed if I did accept any of his offers. I did not make friends with bed bugs in a flaky motel, I did not spend the night on the bench like a bag lady. I saw no more of White River Junction than I had to, there was a seat! I had to buy another ticket but I made it to Manchester to be met by all the lovelies! Bella might just remember me but even if not, she has worked out that I can be relied upon to play/scratch ears/ rub tummy as she requests. A big thanks to Susan and Russell who were not going to let me suffer if I didn't get on the bus and today is a glorious spring morning.

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