Tuesday, 30 April 2013

In colour

So this is what my sculpture looks like in colour, many thanks to Adams Puryear for his ideas.  

Sunday, 28 April 2013

you tube

http://youtu.be/zyMCHwga6tg  really will take you to a very short animation piece this time, the link didn't work before. Looking forward to trying again before the end of term. Thanks to the fabulous Andy for being so helpful.

Friday, 19 April 2013

More Chelmsford

Well this is another fine time. I had the privilege of being selected for an arts fellowship in Chelmsford for this year, the AA2A award gives artists access to space, equipment and materials that they need to do a project. I have had a ball working with clay and using the forge, I now have several boxes of work waiting to be put together. I planned to use the time to create several sculptures that I could finish back in my studio at the end of the Fellowship. Only there isn't an end just yet, I have been asked to stay on for another year!! Result!!!

 these have been fired and are now bright blue 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


After my technological meltdown in America, no computer for a while and a camera that has now given up the ghost, there have been some suspicions about whether I was ever in America at all. How cruel!! Reasons cited are mostly based around my terror of climbing a step ladder, let alone getting on a 'plane, blathering on about the cold and the snow which the UK had in bucket loads and absolutely no photographic evidence at all. So was I holed up in my east London studio the whole time, keeping out of the way and working ? Or did I really go to Vermont, have a great time making sculpture?


Brilliant, I have 6 paper sculptures selected for the Free Painters and Sculptors exhibition 'Works on Paper' at the Espacio Gallery, London,  May 16th-May 21st with the private view on Thursday 9th May. These are sculptures created in paper, which for me is a fast method of trying out ideas, a very versatile medium.

http://www.espaciogallery.com   159 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG 

Thursday, 4 April 2013


I do not think it wise to allow me anywhere near bridges or perhaps just Portsmouth. When I came for the symposium in 2011, I had the privilege of being on the old truss bridge for one of the last times.  I thought then that it was the last day but I think now they were having a party before it shut. This week I watched as an enormous sea going ship lost its moorings and thumped into  the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge between Portsmouth, N.H and Kittery, Maine.  The bridges over the Piscataqua River ( what a great name!!) were just a couple of hundred yards away from each other, I foresee traffic jams for some time.  

Memorial Bridge
Portsmouth Memorial Bridge 01.jpg

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Vermont ....is...fad....i..n..g......

Vermont really is fading now ......my tour of New England has had some hiccups - one anyway-  but it has all been spectacularly excellent and I am back in Boston ready for my flight tomorrow.  The wonderful Gary the director in Vermont delivered my suitcases to Boston for me so I haven't been dragging them around for the last week. Thanks Adria for taking delivery of them at 7am!!!   Trying to get 70lb of marble in 2 suitcases through customs at both ends may prove interesting, here because I need to persuade Delta to carry the excess baggage in the first place and get the work onto the 'plane and then back home when they wonder why I have some suspicious white powder (marble dust) and some slabs of rock in suitcases that are overweight.
I had a wonderful time in just the last week with some really very special people (and Bella the dog), we have drunk tea and put the world to rights, seen some great art in both personal studios (http://www.jennypage.net, http://www.adriaarch.com) and galleries. Concord tomorrow for more galleries, making the most of seeing as much as possible before my final trip to Logan.