Tuesday, 23 September 2014

the humdrum and the plans

Back in the smoke, symposium over and it is back to the 'busy' of regular life. I had a fantastic time in America, the symposium sculptors were amazing and I met some wonderful people. It was lovely that so many people that I met in previous visits turned up at CAI.
College is starting, some short courses are under way and the long courses start properly next week which is  always exciting, new students, fresh ideas and plenty of enthusiasm to start the new term. Meanwhile back in the studio it is turmoil, I dare not show photos of the studio as it is now, far too embarrassing! I think I will "just sort out this bit, get only part way through and move back to the sculpture. Today I found a small bronze that needed finishing so that was the end of sorting out for the day, I worked outside and listened to geese flying overhead.
I am meant to be having a massive clear out, I have promised myself that sculptures will be boxed, labelled and stored and I will be organised…..that is the plan anyway. It is always good to have a plan

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Do not eat the soup

I am running a short 'taster' course in carving bone and horn, these needed cleaning up so out came the handy camping stove into the back garden. Polly the ever attentive spaniel thought her birthday and christmas all at once but she was the only one who was keen, the smell was so vile I thought I would have the environmental health team round - either them or the police thinking I was boiling up human body parts!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hot news

The Discerning Eye, a major exhibition of smaller works has accepted 'Esclise' to be shown at the Mall galleries shortly! Just when I thought I had my feet back on the ground after my trip to CAI in Massachusetts, I find myself flying again