Tuesday, 26 March 2013


On the home stretch and this last month has flown by. Starting to clear up, put back the tools and throw away the dodgy drawings that would not pass an 'o' level. The weather is stunning, blue sky and warm at 45 deg - just as I am leaving. The birds are out, kinglets everywhere, and something that has a beautiful simple two note call that I haven't seen yet. Results now in -the marble sculpture is just fine and I am happy, sculptor Fred Osbourne has been very encouraging, some thinking, a small soapstone has finally come together, more thinking and a lot of discussion, worked alongside some amazing artists, 1 small granite relief, ditto marble, a wall drawing and alongside all that, an enormous amount of thinking. Written in very little letters I have a reading list a long as my arm. Two brilliant visiting sculptors, Joel Fisher and Heidi Fasnacht, both generous with their time and ideas so all in all just superb. I am sorry to leave but with any luck I shall be back again soon. http://www.vermontstudiocenter.org

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