Saturday, 23 June 2012


A sociable life this week with two separate visitors at the studio making helpful and very positive comments. I am usually on my own and there is often no one else in the building, though there can be some interesting people in cars in the road outside. Thankfully my nudists did not put in an appearance this week. I spent Friday night at APT in Greenwich for their regular open studios,  an amazing hub of artists who have been working  alongside each other for years and making outstanding work. I knew Lou Smith from my Foundation course, Richard Lawrence and Anthony Daley from Wimbledon School of Art. Sheila Vollmer, Steven Lewis, Mali Morris and Geoff Rigden amongst several others as well, are all showing at the RA Summer Show. A vibrant mix of excellent work and extraordinary to think that they have been such an important part of my sculptural life for so long.  Nose to the grindstone now that a fresh batch of clay has been later when I start assembling out all

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