Friday, 6 July 2012

sunshine and colour

Well the sun shone on me yesterday! Somehow I managed to pick the only rain free day to walk miles carrying a brolly and jacket when I popped down to Kew Gardens and see the David Nash residency/show. This is highly recommended,-the show, I mean, not the bit about looking like a pack horse!-huge lumps of wood in different configurations. Some like the eucalyptus really was just a huge lump, a trunk on its side, 8' high and 20' long, I think that would keep me going for the rest of my days!
The best bit was hearing a cheery laugh and coming face to face with Fred and Jelka Pollock out celebrating 37 years of marriage! Well done both, that it a real achievement. 

The big bit of eucalyptus!

I went off to see Fred's show at Delphina in Bermondsey St, SE1 this morning and it is brilliant, full of vibrant, sumptuous colour and so embracing, it just pulls you in. I have always been a fan and his work gets better every time I see it. 

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