Thursday, 30 July 2015


I have been so busy recently that blogs have been few and far between but suddenly, just like busses, three come along at once this week.
I had to think long and hard but after a nano second, I have accepted an invitation to work in Italy for three months next year. To be honest, I really didn't believe that I had even got the placement at first, I needed to get other people to check the email. Thanks to the generosity of the Brian Mercer Foundation, I shall be in a bronze foundry in Pietrasanta, northern Tuscany, top left hand side of Italy, I shall be there starting in January so I expect it to be a tad chilly and will have to come home at the start of the spring. I shall miss Polly the dog but I know she will have a great time and probably not notice I have gone.
I have been asked if I need an assistant several times already, please form an orderly queue

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