Thursday, 16 October 2014

disaster zone tidy up time

It has been a quiet few weeks in the studio, quiet in as much as there has been little sculpture and a lot of sorting, clearing, chucking out and generally trying to make the place easier and more spacious to work in. It had not been hugely successful until yesterday, I kept pulling stuff off shelves, opening boxes and creating more upheaval before getting fed up and working on a piece of stone. I made myself stick to the clearing yesterday so that I can work inside in the cold weather and get some new work under way. The results so far are…….
 Polly admiring a bit of floor

 another clear bit of floor

That is it, as a percentage of the overall floor space this is not a lot, certainly still in single figures, but progress nonetheless!  The rest of the space looks like a disaster zone but will be super tidy next week. Really, it will………

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