Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I always thought I was special but I now have a stigmata to show for it. I needed to move a bench at work and whilst giving a great heavy bench a shove, I managed to impale my hand on an industrial staple that some twit had left sticking out. The wound itself is not great but the first aider and I were both concerned about the grot that might be on it so I was packed off to A+E thus missing the last class of a carving course, a great shame as I have had a really good time with this particular group of students.  Many thanks to the lovely staff at University College Hospital who patched me up and I look forward to seeing the lovely staff nurse who wants to join one of my classes. The enforced idleness is not good timing either with the discussion forum the 'Brancaster Chronicles' next weekend as one of the pieces I intend to take is not yet finished…….
Read the transcripts from last year http://abstractcritical.com/?s=brancaster

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