Friday, 2 May 2014

Nail biting and a happy dog

I am delighted that The Royal Academy has shortlisted both sculptures for this year's Summer Exhibition, hurrah! Getting them there was not 'Hurrah' as it was last week when there was a tube strike so the roads were chokka. It took forever to drive the short stretch across London made somewhat better by being buoyed up by several hours of radio 4. We made it eventually and Polly the apprentice spaniel jumped out straight away, she really need to stretch her legs apart from the fact she is incredibly nosey.  The lovely team of young men helping unload sculptures promptly downed tools to roll around with her, she had the biggest fuss which she see as her due entitlement. One man tried to be officious saying that Polly would have to be 'confiscated'. After that he was really friendly playing with her so I think she would have been quite happy to go with him. There will be no need to post if I am selected, you will hear the cheers! Meanwhile, I have no nails while I await the outcome