Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Kyoto the first

Well this is all rather fab. Monks chanting in the street, geisha's emerging from the subway and heated toilet seats. The house is lovely, thankfully I have a quiet room at the back as the front door opens out straight onto the street market. The gallery is just round the corner from the house and the sculptures are up today.......and then kept on the floor overnight for fear of the earthquakes! My fellow artists are lovely and good fun. Raquel Carro Lopez is a photographer, Roger McNulty is a painter and the the creative director here, David Stetson is an other photographer who has had the privileged of being the first foreigner inside the emperors tomb. So, all rather surreal for the moment. As this page assumes I read Japanese, I am now unable to upload photos until I sort out either a translation or find a translator or learn to read. I suspect finding a translator will be the easiest, sorting out three alphabets is going to take some time

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