Thursday, 23 January 2014

an art week and lost tea

The London Art Fair saturday evening, masses to see as usual.
Up early sunday morning to get down to south London for the sculpture brunch hosted by the sculptor Jeff Lowe. He has converted an old warehouse into a fabulous gallery, before this it housed artists studios and the front door goes into the space that I used as a studio some years ago. It is quite a transformation from messy studios into a huge, glorious light and airy space. It was fab to catch up with so many artists and some excellent presentations by Lee Tribe, Sam Cornish and Charles Hewlings
Wednesday evening I trundled along to a performance by Lisa Selby at the RBS HQ, It was packed, standing room only and it got even more squashed as those nearer the front moved back away from the tea being spilt all over the floor. I actually found it quite distressing to see women holding a cup of tea aloft for half an hour, seeing the difficulty of keeping still and the ache of holding the cup at all after a while. I didn't see the joke that others saw, I felt sorry for the performers, so the audience had a very mixed reaction.

 'warders' keeping cups straight and refilling when empty
 Spilt tea

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