Wednesday, 5 June 2013

tum te tum te dum te dah and filing

 A fab day in the studio! There hasn't been much to show for my time recently, I have created small conical piles of white dust (is there a market for this?) while I have been filing down the oblong space above. The slot will house a piece of granite and I want this to sit flush. This has taken many hours of listening to radio 4 but finally I think I have got there. Having said that, when I am next in the studio I shall no doubt see a small piece that needs shaving and spend more time filing and still look as though I am no further forward after another day. The piece below might also be finished bar minor adjustments. It is in a strange position while the glue dries.
I gave myself and the apprentice Polly a good walk over Hackney Marshes on the way home. We avoided all courting couples and picnickers, a major accomplishment. I think most people avoided me as I was looking rather ghostly in my dusty jeans. 

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