Friday, 10 May 2013


Having spent the day in the studio I took Polly for a walk over Hackney Marshes.... I feel a song coming on......and she had a great time, I was a little more stressed..... A Polish lady fell in love with Polly offering her treats and cuddles so it was tricky extricating the exuberant P who was by this time, lost in an ample eastern european bosom.  Eventually tearing ourselves away,  I wanted to avoid the many picnickers so we found ourselves following a well trodden path through some blackberry bushes. I should have stayed with the food option, the tiny path led between 2 train lines and came to a secluded enclosure. Polly is a very friendly pooch and did her best to say hello to all the sunbathing couples, I say sunbathing, they were wearing not a lot and were stretched out  in the bushes and I only realised they were there by the squeals and I don't think they were squeals of delight, I somehow had the impression that a cold wet spaniel nose, however friendly, is not quite the thing for an amorous encounter. I called the P and hastened on only to find that there was no exit and we had to make our way back through all the previous encounters, picnics are a far easier option, even with a spaniel

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