Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Vermont really is fading now tour of New England has had some hiccups - one anyway-  but it has all been spectacularly excellent and I am back in Boston ready for my flight tomorrow.  The wonderful Gary the director in Vermont delivered my suitcases to Boston for me so I haven't been dragging them around for the last week. Thanks Adria for taking delivery of them at 7am!!!   Trying to get 70lb of marble in 2 suitcases through customs at both ends may prove interesting, here because I need to persuade Delta to carry the excess baggage in the first place and get the work onto the 'plane and then back home when they wonder why I have some suspicious white powder (marble dust) and some slabs of rock in suitcases that are overweight.
I had a wonderful time in just the last week with some really very special people (and Bella the dog), we have drunk tea and put the world to rights, seen some great art in both personal studios (, and galleries. Concord tomorrow for more galleries, making the most of seeing as much as possible before my final trip to Logan.

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