Monday, 24 December 2012

Taking the air

A very happy Christmas one and all. 
I had an enjoyable and productive day in the studio yesterday but I am taking a short break for the next few days as I am taking the air at my ancestral seat for the festive season. Suffolk is a beautiful place at any time of year and walking the Mere today with the dogs was particularly lovely, very full with all the recent rain and overflowing streams now gushing torrents; the scenery was fab and the dogs came home covered in mud, Polly was brown instead of black and spotty. The very old photo above shows the glory of the family home in previous times and my parents have the flat with the bottom 3 windows on the right hand side. Please note the church tower behind which has the church bells going as I write, they bong each hour through the night - I remembered to bring extra strong ear plugs.

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