Friday, 20 April 2012


Back to school for the summer term and the first week has been fab. Some new faces and some familiar ones and I was pleased to see some people that I haven't seen for some time. Judging by the warm hug as I entered the lift, I think one of my students was pleased to see me too. I like my job! 
When I wasn't getting students carving, I was filing/sanding a piece of stone ready to take to the Royal Academy next week. Both pieces have been shortlisted which I am really happy about but I shall wait for the final result with butterflies. There is never enough time to 'finish' something and I think I just keep finding something to do to the stone right up to the deadline. When I checked the letter I found that I need to deliver on Wednesday - hurrah ! As I thought it was Monday for the hand in I now have two more days  sitting in the garden, dodging the rain, listening to the radio and sanding. At least I got the dates wrong the right way round, otherwise I would be sobbing into the keyboard later in the week.
Today I took a small break from all the stone rubbing (sadly no genies yet) and popped round to a couple of very good chums and excellent sculptors, fellow members of the Royal British Society of Sculptors who have signed my nomination form, thankyou Chrysty Symington and Sheila Vollmer. I have decided to stand for election to Council which sounds very grown up. I shall be lobbying, so watch out Ken and Boris, the London Mayoral elections have nothing on this! 
Meanwhile back to the wet and dry ......

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