Sunday, 5 February 2012

lots of cold and bits

Well the snow looks fab but I decided that braving the roads or the tube would be folly. A Sunday at home spent working on a portrait head and a small wax for the foundry would be more worthwhile. The head is coming on well and I am pleased, the profile has improved and I am starting to put in the hair. It does seem slow after the very speedy start, now I am having to make tiny adjustments which in themselves don't appear significant but add up to a better likeness. The wax is good one minute and then all apart the next, I am sure its getting better but I am not over optimistic. Meanwhile I am also painting away at the metal that lovely Andy made and no he didn't laugh at the peculiar shapes I asked him to make. I plan to deliver this sculpture on Tuesday. In the studio I am finally gluing up the clay pieces with acrylic rod, 1 piece at a time so it is slow progress, again, but on its way. Betsy the dog has the studio heaters, with it being this cold I don't think paint has dried but rather just has frozen solid, rather like my feet were when I was there on Friday.

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