Thursday, 22 December 2011

more applications

With a cough that warned me not to go into a freezing studio, I have spent the day working at the New Year Resolution that began in September. I am writing and re-writing applications, sending them to a good chum to read them and she promptly tells me 'could try harder' - it's worse than being back at school. With a C+ given to my last effort for a residency application that I really really want, I have amended it yet again, aiming for a B next time. 
Frustratingly, I sent away a huge pile of slides of really old work which should be on a CD but I haven't been able to open all the images. I had hoped to get these online but a preview of the ones I could open suggest that my photography skills as a student were not what I remember and they should stay out of the public realm! A trip down memory lane and some stories recalled that will also stay locked away

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