Sunday, 21 October 2012

The good the bad and the smelly

Good news, I delivered my sculpture Sny to La Galleria this morning, no hitches and all straight forward. By the looks of the other work being unwrapped it will be a stunning show and I am in very good company! 
Thankfully my sculpture was completely unaffected by the smelly car. I had collected some piping from my sister which I think I can use and I thought that we had managed to remove all the traces of dead squirrel that was on it but it appears that I was very much mistaken. When I put it back into the car for the final trek to the studio I realised just how wrong I was and drove the few miles down to Stratford with all the windows down, the sun roof open and my head hanging out of the window, my asthma pump at the ready. It wasn't raining all that hard and it was infinitely preferable to the stench. The puddles in the footwells should dry quite quickly. The lovely RAC who had to come out to change to tyre for me, one nut wouldn't budge, was very polite asking that the doors and the windows  were shut after he kindly lifted the old tyre into the back of the car, he did have tears running down his face and I don't think it was the exertion, I decided not to try and explain dead squirrels in case he called the RSPCA. Used car anyone?

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  1. It's so nice to hear that we still have so much in common ! You must get me to regail you with the smelly carpet story or the time I left a dozen bags of garden rubbish in the car for the weekend only to find the car was full of freshly hatched flies who really enjoyed their 5 mile trip to the dump - I gritted my teeth and opened the windows but the flies hung on and the car was thick with the little blighters ! Ho Hum !! Glad to hear you have some lovely students !Tara 4 now. . .