Monday, 14 October 2013

View from my studio

 Apprentice Polly tackling her own carving

Postcard show at Acme Project Space  "View from my studio", my yellow paper piece alongside a Kendra Haste drawing. She makes the most remarkable wire animals and is responsible for the 'zoo' at the Tower of London, we were studio neighbours years ago, it is nice to be  showing next to her.

All Acme tenants were given an A5 postcard and asked to create a work with reference to the studio, all those returned were displayed and will then go into the Acme archive. The variety of work was superb, drawings, paintings, stitched, photo.... everything and since I have been an Acme tenant for much of time since I left art school it was great to catch up with old friends from other studios at the private view. My current studio is the best yet, Polly and I are getting some good work done. This is aided by using the brilliant facilities back at Chelmsford College. 

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