Monday, 15 July 2013

too hot

I blame the heat ! Despite the studio actually being quite cool for much of the day, walking into the yard in the mid afternoon and the heat really hits you. I spilt a whole flask of coffee in the car this morning, good news, the car actually smells nicer, though in truth that probably isn't too difficult. I have been busy spraying colour onto some fired clay pieces but somehow manage to use completely the wrong colour on the other side of one set, can't think of any good news there. I had ordered a small slab of granite earlier in the week so I called in as arranged to pick it up on the way in to the studio,  good news the dog got an extra walk while I waited for them to do the job, bad news, I stuck it on the wrong way round, it really was the heat - honestly!  Two sculptures submitted to an exhibition have been lost, a very upset gallery!! Good news is that the AA turned up really quickly to fix the flat tyre. I know I should have been able to do it myself but the nuts were on so tight, the local pub had a bet as to who amongst them had enough muscle to undo them and they all lost!

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