Friday, 7 September 2012

studio dog and more

  Trumpet fanfare, drumroll.....this is the new studio dog Polly, a 10 month cocker spaniel with extra large ears. I found the huge gap that Betsy left when  she died earlier this year too much. Polly needed a new home, I needed a dog, it seems like a good solution. She seems entirely unruffled by noise and even slept through the chainsaw, I have checked she isn't deaf, she is just 'relaxed'.

 I thought I would go easy on the chainsaw for a while and I am still gluing up clay, a quiet activity that doesn't disturb any one. 

1 comment:

  1. What a splendid pair of ears and what a smashing dog they belong to - but then their owner has such impeccable taste ! Good luck to the pair of you and I'm sure you will make a great team !
    I've just returned from walking "Gus", my reluctant KC spanniel. He ran out of energy a couple of times but enjoyed the enforced photography break ! I hope you enjoy all that sticking ! :)}