Tuesday, 10 January 2012

happy new year and Zeno

New year - new chainsaw!! Hurrah! New Bosch which just feels great, some tools just fit and this is fab. With this and a pile of ash wood in the front garden, I am raring to go. However I shall have to curb my enthusiasm as I do need to spend today finishing off some outstanding projects and today I shall tackle a piece of stone which has been on the go for some time and is tentatively booked for photographing in a couple of weeks- I need a deadline, I hate them usually but I am giving myself one now. Sculpture often feels like Zeno's paradox. I think it will take a day to finish, I will not finish today and anticipate it to take another half day, however this isn't quite enough and I shall need the best part of another day....and so on, ad infinitum it seems. Does the sculpture look better when I spend time on it ? I hope so!!

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